Amplitube users: grab IK's Nu-Tron III automatic wah emulation for free in August

IK Amplitube 5 Nu-Tron III
(Image credit: Ik Multimedia)

IK Multimedia is clearly in a good mood this week. 

Following hot on the heels of its limited-time T-RackS Comprexxor plugin giveaway, the Italian firm is now offering Amplitube 5 users a free download of Nu-Tron III, based on Musitronics Mu-Tron® III Automatic Wah from 1972.

This tasty piece of kit became known primarily for its ear-popping use with keyboards and Nu-Tron III’s three-knob configuration apes the original's low-pass, bandpass, and high-pass filter response controls, making it an effective  addition to your AmpliTube armoury - especially at zero cost. 

The giveaway is live until the end of August, so don't delay.

In order to grab your free Nu-Tron III effects pedal:

1. Log in/register an IK account and head to your User Area
2. Use the pop-up message to Redeem your promotional item and sign up for the Newsletter, if you're not already subscribed
3. Download and open the IK Product Manager
4. Select Manage My Products then using the Software tab, click the Install and Authorize button to the right of AmpliTube 5
5. If you're already authorized, hover over the Authorize button and click Re-Authorize

Will Groves

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