Did Gibson just confirm a USA Standard Adam Jones Silverburst Les Paul?

Cesar Gueikian isn't just the Brand President of Gibson brands, he's been a very keen guitar collector for years. But it stands to reason that his current role enables a few perks; testing forthcoming acoustic and electric guitar releases especially. And it looks like one of these is the USA Standard version of Tool guitarist Adam Jones's Silverburst Les Paul Custom signature model.

A hugely desirable model, the two iterations of the Custom Shop Jones models were $6,000 and $10,000 for the VOS version so this would be welcome news indeed. And in the latest edition of Gibson TV's The Collection it's confirmed.

Gibson Adam Les Paul Standard Silverburst reveal clip

Gueikian himself is the subject of the latest episode that you can see just above and he has a stunning collection and home to house it – it's vintage Gibson heaven. It's well worth watching the whole episode – especially as it includes Megadeth's Dave Mustaine and Judas Priest's Richie Faulkner popping round to look at Cesar's Flying Vs – but the tease you can see above comes over an hour in.

We know from Gibson's previous statements that its partnership with Adam Jones is not a one-time limited edition guitar deal. After introducing some of Cesar's impressive Silverburst Gibson vintage collection (and look out for a Silverburst version of Mustaine's forthcoming Gibson signature acoustic), host Mark Agnesi walks in with a guitar called the 'Adam Jones Les Paul Standard Silverburst'. 


(Image credit: Gibson/ Youtube)

"That's the one you weren't supposed to grab," laughs Cesar. "Hey it's on camera, it's all good." Unlike previous Silverburst Les Pauls this is a Standard as opposed to a Custom model but further specs are not revealed in the video, other than that Cesar's example is a prototype, has non tinted / yellowed Silverburst unlike the Custom Shop signatures and the Jones original but follows the same covered and uncovered humbucker protocol as before. 

As this is clearly an intentional reveal, more news should be coming soon. And that's not all…

Gibson Murphy Labs '58 Korina V and Explorer clip 

At around the 48 minute mark we've selected above there's another reveal too; and we think it's safe to say these will be pricey releases. There's a 1958 reissue Murphy Lab Korina Flying V and Explorer. 

So precious, their hardcases are in additional bags. Scanned replicas of vintage examples with Brazilian rosewood fretboards (sourced pre-CITES restrictions) .  The Explorers are one-piece Korina, the Vs are two-piece and they're only going to be made in the same amounts they were back in the 1950s; just 81 Vs and 19 Explorers. 


(Image credit: Gibson / YouTube)

Yep, these are going to be expensive when they are officially launched this year. The video is well worth watching in its entirety at the top of the page. 


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