Get all Joe Satriani's classic guitar tones in one place

After giving Jimi Hendrix, Slash and Brian May the AmpliTube treatment, it's time for another guitar hero's tones to be unlocked by IK Multimedia's acclaimed software. And when it come to great sounds – Joe Satriani's cup runneth over!

Available for Mac and PC, long with a mobile version for aiPhone and iPad, AmpliTube Joe Satriani offers models of Satch's key amps and pedals for practice, performance and recording with any DAW that were created with the man himself.

There's presets for classic tones from Satch's discography too and you can connect to all the software's features via IK Multimedia's Axe I/O audio interfaces.

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

Amps and cabs include the Satch VM, modelled after Satriani's Marshall JVM410HJS signature head and the SJ50, modelled after a '93 Peavey 5150.

Both of those include matching cabinets. There's also the Boston 100; an expanded version of the revered '82 Tom Scholz Rockman model with stereo mode and cab modelling.

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

The virtual pedalboard is stocked with tonal goodness too. The Satch Wah is modelled after a Vox BBW; the Satch Dist is modelled after Joe's early '80s, Japanese-made BOSS DS-1.

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

The Satch Overdrive is modelled after another early '80s, Japanese favourite of Satriani's; a BOSS OD-1, while the Tube Overdrive is based on a mid-80s Chandler Tube Driver from his personal collection.

The Satch Octave is modelled after his Ultimate Octave.

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

The Joe Satriani Collection for iPhone and iPad version is available via in-app purchase from within AmpliTube CS for iPhone or iPad, and features the same amp, cab and stompbox models and presets as the Mac and PC version.

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

The Mac and PC versions are available to buy now from IK Multimedia's online store at  and the iOS version is available via the AmpliTube app at the Apple App Store

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