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Get 4 months of TIDAL HiFi and pay just £/$4 per month – usually £/$19.99 per month

Get 4 months of TIDAL HiFi and pay just £/$4 per month – usually £/$19.99 per month
(Image credit: Tidal)

If you’re yet to subscribe to any music streaming service, or you’re craving Spotify or Apple Music-beating audio quality, TIDAL HiFi is offering the best quality (and the best deal) on the block right now.

Right now, you can subscribe to TIDAL HiFi's lush, lossless high fidelity sound for 4 months (or 120 days) at the low low cost of £/$4 per month. That's a layout of just £/$16 instead of the £/$79.96 you'd usually pay over that period. It's cheaper than equivalent high quality services on Spotify or Apple Music, too.

TIDAL is a music fan's dream, delivering over 60 million tracks, alongside music videos, behind-the-scenes documentaries and exclusive events. TIDAL offers a Premium service with standard audio, too. This is also available on the £/$4 for 4 months deal. If you choose to continue once your 4 months is up, your monthly payment will be £/$9.99 for TIDAL Premium or £/$19.99 for TIDAL HiFi.

We've all got a little time on our hands right now, so why not get stuck into hours of classic albums and hear them just as the artist intended.

Get 4 months of TIDAL HiFi for £/$4 per month
If you've been intrigued to discover what high-end, high-res audio really sounds like, now's you're chance to find out. All the 24-bit/96kHz music you can eat.View Deal

Try TIDAL for 30 days, absolutely FREE
There’s no catch. Sign up, explore the app, listen to some tunes, create some playlists and see how you feel in 30 days.View Deal

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