Modalics EON-Arp is a free plugin for creating wild melody and chord patterns, and comes with a built-in wavetable synth

Modalics’ first plugin, Beat Scholar, put a new spin on the beatmaking plugin concept, and was notable for its sliceable ‘beat pizzas’. The follow-up, EON-Arp, focuses on the creation of melodic and harmonic patterns, and the great news is that you can currently download it for free.

At its heart, and as its name implies, EON-Arp is an arpeggiator, but it’s one that promises a large amount of rhythmic and melodic control. The note grid is completely customisable: you can adjust the position, length or velocity of every note with either quantised or freeform timing. As such, everything from finely-honed grooves to experimental polyrhythms should be within your grasp.

Up to 128 steps and 11 pitch positions are available to you, and as well as being able to trigger your existing synths, EON-Arp also has its own built-in mini wavetable synth. As such, it can be viewed as a completely self-contained melody and chord pattern generator.

The plugin enables you to take up to eight snapshots, and you can switch between them with quantised triggering using keyswitches. More than 100 chord, progression and scale presets are included to get you started.

EON-Arp runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats and can currently be downloaded for free from the Modalics website. The regular price will be $29.

Modalics EON-Arp plugin

(Image credit: Modalics)
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