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FREE Granular Processing plugin with Computer Music 247

A rapidly rising force in music software, Inear Display have mad a name for themselves with an imaginative roster of plugins. Litote, released earlier this year, is a "granular exploration box" with which four signal processing engines – each comprising a granulator, resonator and diffusion delay – are blended using an automated X/Y pad.

Yours exclusively with issue 247 of Computer Music, Litote CM is a single-engine from the full Litote, opened up to give access to parameters that are hidden under the hood of the commercial version.


  • Set the Grain Size between 20 and 500ms
  • Control the Grain Speed, Size and Level
  • Tweak Input, Output and Mix levels in the Global section
  • Use the Timbre Frequency control to adjust the network of all-pass filters
  • Timbre Feedback control to feed the all-pass filter bank back into itself
  • Introduce Jitter to randomise size, speed and level for each grain

If you love Litote CM, be sure to check out Inear Display's other products at – including their Ephemere percussion synth (8/10, cm237), Incipit delay (9/10, cm232), and Cruelle distortion module (8/10, cm236).