Former Misfits drummer Joey Image dies aged 63

Joey Image, former drummer for horror-punk band, Misfits has died aged 63.

The news of his death on June 1 was confirmed by the band, who posted a photo on its Facebook page of Joey Image and bassist Jerry Only performing during a Halloween gig in 1979. While no cause of death has been announced, Joey was reported as suffering from liver cancer in 2006.

 Joey Image was born Joey Poole in 1957, and joined Misfits in 1978. He remained in the band until 1979, but during his relatively short tenure drummed on the singles, Horror Business and Night of The Living Dead.

In November 1979, Misfits travelled to the UK for a tour with The Damned - a string of dates that were never actually confirmed after Jerry Only reportedly misconstrued a conversation with The Damned vocalist, Dave Vanian during a shared performance in New York. Only’s suggestion that the bands tour the UK together was apparently not considered serious by Vanian. Persevering for just two gigs, the rest of Misfits returned to the US, with Joey Image leaving the band thereafter.

Following his stint in Misfits, Image went on to drum for a succession of bands including the Whorelords, Human Buffet, and The Strap-Ons before returning to an incarnation of Misfits for a one-off gig in October, 2000.

Stuart Williams

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