Focusrite's FAST Verb uses AI to dial in reverb fast

(Image credit: Focusrite)

Joining a family of AI-powered plugins that includes FAST Equaliser, FAST Compressor and FAST Reveal, the FAST Verb is described by Focusrite as "the effortless way to add depth to music."

Focusrite's new reverb plugin is powered by smart:engine AI technology from Sonible, enabling music makers to quickly and easily discover reverb settings that work for their project. Using machine learning algorithms trained on 500,000 samples, the AI analyses audio input to automatically generate a reverb that suits the source material. 

Users can choose between three types of AI-generated reverb: Natural, Balanced and Artificial. The plugin's FAST View offers a unique graphic visualisation of the outgoing signal, giving music makers a visual representation of their audio.

For those who want to get into the nuts-and-bolts and fine-tune the reverb's settings to perfection, there's a Detailed View that enables users to control Color, Clarity, Modulation, Hi-Pass and Mono-Bass. FAST Verb is also equipped with three FX processors that open up creative possibilities for more experimental sounds, Freeze, Bounce and Reverse.

Focusrite's FAST Verb is available now - visit The Collective's website to download a free trial. The plugin is £89.82 as a one-time purchase or £5.99 / mo for 15mo. For a limited time, Focusrite are offering all four FAST plugins to registered hardware owners of Focusrite and Novation products as a discounted bundle, for £6.66 per month or £99.99 as a one-time price.

The Collective is a community hub that offers free downloads and discounts on top-notch plug-ins to members. Owners of any Focusrite hardware product can become a member for free. To join, simply visit their website and register any of your Focusrite equipment.

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