Dunable Guitars is raffling a stunning EVH tribute Yeti for Roadie Relief

Dunable EVH Tribute Yeti
(Image credit: Dunable)

Dunable Guitars is raffling an EVH-inspired custom Yeti to support Roadie Relief, the charity setup to help road crew who have lost their jobs through Covid-19.

The Yeti is one of Dunable's most-popular electric guitars. A beast of an offset, the Yeti is typically built to order with prices starting around $1,999. But this is a very different animal; finished in red, white and black stripes, a la the late Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstrat, you'd have more chance of running into Bigfoot at KFC than you would of seeing another of these in the wild.

The guitar started out as a prototype and was built around 2016. It had previously been used as a paint tester. Some of the body contouring is a little different to the current Yeti format, which only adds to the collector appeal.

"We always wanted to do one of these paint jobs," says Dunable. "With EVH's recent passing, we were inspired to finally give it a shot. The result isn't perfect (as you can see in the photos), but it's cool as hell. We figured why not use this as an opportunity to help out the people in music (without whom our company would certainly not exist) some help while they are out of work indefinitely."

For your chance to win, simply buy a ticket here. Tickets cost $25, you can buy as many as you want (indeed, this is for charity, buying lots of tickets is encouraged) and the raffle is available to anyone worldwide.

See here for more on Dunable, and check out some of the finishing process in Dunable's Instagram post below.

You can learn more about and donate to Roadie Relief here.

Jonathan Horsley

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