Yamaha announces drum days

Yamaha's gear in all its glory
Yamaha's gear in all its glory

Yamaha is hitting the road for a series of UK drum days.

The instrument maker will have experts on hand to answer your questions as it showcase its wares at selected stores over the next few months.

"The drum days are all about taking the Yamaha experience on the road," Yamaha Drums Product Manager Gavin Thomas explains. "As always, we want to meet our loyal Yamaha customers, and we also want to promote shopping in stores and support these great passionate drum stores up and down the country."

The full dates are:

  • Saturday 21 Sept - Gateshead, Drum Shop
  • Saturday 28 Sept - Sheffield, Drum Stop
  • Saturday 5 Oct - Wembley, Wembley Drum Centre
  • Saturday 26 Oct - Glasgow, Rhythm Base
  • Saturday 9 Nov - Absolute Music, Bournemouth
  • Saturday 23 Nov - Drum Centre, Manchester

For more details head to www.uk.yamaha.com.

Rich Chamberlain

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