Wilco's Glenn Kotche and ProMark announce the Active Wave 570 drumstick

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The new Active Wave 570s complete with WaveHandle contoured grip and ActiveGrip heat activated grip coating

The new Active Wave 570s, complete with WaveHandle contoured grip and ActiveGrip heat-activated grip coating

Active Wave 570

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Wilco s master drummer and percussionist Glenn Kotche

Wilco's master drummer and percussionist Glenn Kotche

Glenn Kotche

Master drummer and percussionist Glenn Kotche, the rhythmic anchor for Wilco since 2001, has teamed with D'Addario's ProMark brand to develop a first-of-its-kind new drumstick, the Active Wave 750.

"I've always dreamed of a drumstick like this"

The Active Wave 570 features ActiveGrip, which is a heat-activated grip coating that gets tackier when a drummer's hands heat up and start to seat. The stick also features the WaveHandle, specially contoured to provide additional grip and a comfortable place for all fingers. (The ActiveGrip and the WaveHandle were both invented by D'Addario.


"To meet the demanding performances of Wilco and my other projects, I needed a special grip solution that I could trust, that didn't feel like rubber or a synthetic," Kotche says. "The new ActiveGrip feels like a regular hickory drumstick at the start of the show, and gets tackier when my hands start sweating. It's an absolute breakthrough in grip.

"Plus, the WaveHandle design adds an additional contoured grip that also works as its own sound source. I've always dreamed of a drumstick like this, and I'm proud to share it with other drummers that demand the ultimate grip without sacrificing feel."

Kotche will be performing with the Active Wave 570 at Wilco's annual Solid Sound festival at MASS MOCA in North Adams, MA, June 26-28. In addition to a full Wilco set, Glenn will play a solo set that includes an original piece of music commissioned by ProMark & D'Addario, one of the festival's sponsors.

The Active Wave 570 will debut at Summer NAMM 2015 and will be available August 1, 2015. Wilco are on tour throughout the summer and fall - dates can be found at wilcoworld.com.