VIDEO: Mike Portnoy trashes kit at Manila gig

Mike Portnoy suffered an almighty meltdown at a recent show, trashing part of his kit and bustin' out a rap in the process.

The sticksman was frustrated at his snare mic coming loose during a show with his PSMS project in Manila. You can see his reaction in the video above.

After the gig Portnoy posted on his website that a lack of sleep and being presented with incorrect gear at gigs had contributed to the problem.

He sad: "In the case of the Manila show, we arrived hours before the show to find out the drums weren't setup, cymbals were missing, Billy's amp was wrong (again) and Tony had a buzz on his gear that would not go away… but we forged ahead because we were VERY excited to play for the fans!"

All's well that end's well though, and Portnoy learnt an important lesson.

He added: "We carried on and everybody had a great night… And I look forward to returning… (although this may be the last time I tour without my own kit and my own drum tech…hahahaha!!!)"

Rich Chamberlain

Rich is a teacher, one time Rhythm staff writer and experienced freelance journalist who has interviewed countless revered musicians, engineers, producers and stars for the our world-leading music making portfolio, including such titles as Rhythm, Total Guitar, Guitarist, Guitar World, and MusicRadar. His victims include such luminaries as Ice T, Mark Guilani and Jamie Oliver (the drumming one).