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Stick 'em up with new SilverFox drumsticks

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For those about to bash

For those about to bash

SilverFox Boston Basher drumstick

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Sweet emotion

Sweet emotion

SilverFox Sweet Pea drumstick

All too often we focus on endless stacks of shells and hardware and we forget that the very things we hold in our hands, drumsticks, are vitally important to the art of making music. The folks at Grover Pro Percussion, Inc., parent company of SilverFox, haven't forgotten, and they've come out with two new stick models to prove it.

The Boston Basher

This one's made for hard rock and heavy metal players. The olive-shaped wood tip and short tapered shoulder achieve maximum projection from snare drums of any construction and bring out a full-bodied tone from toms. At 16" long with a diameter of .620", this durable hickory stick is designed to achieve heavy volume on the club scene or in arena venues without feeling heavy in your hands.

The Sweet Pea
At 15-3/4" long with a diameter of .565", this dynamic hickory stick features a small ball tip for fast response on cymbals while producing a warm sound on snare. Created in response to jazz artists's requests for a stick with the feel of a 5A, yet capable of consistent cymbal articulation and projection, the Sweet Pea could become the weapon of choice for combo jazz in every setting.

Both sticks feature the flashy new SilverFox silver logo, an updated and enlarged presentation that makes SilverFox drumsticks easier to recognize. (Works for us - we like anything shiny.) The Boston Basher and Sweet Pea are available now. More more information, such as pricing, visit the official SilverFox website.