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Juicing and Health Tips
Juicing and Health Tips

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Hey everyone, Barney here, and hope this blog finds you rockin' and well, fighting off any Winter blues… judging by looking out of my Liverpool window today, Spring is truly TRYING to Sprung!

I'd like to start by thanking my mate Paul Kodish for sharing his juicing story last month - it's so inspiring to me to find many drummers in our community are into juicing/blending and a healthier diet (and if not, they are looking to change this!).

Kodish had some great recipes and thoughts - you can check them here!

As I've said before, whether for weight loss of health gain, juicing and blending fruit and vegetable combinations is an easy (and tasty) way to get REAL food into our bodies with maximum nutrition (and minimum processed McRubbish!).

Since my last blog, I took part in two separate Cleanses to 'top up' my health. The first was via Paul Risse's 'Cleanse America 5 - Spring Alive' (10-day online cleanse/Facebook group). Paul is a 'Jedi' in the Raw Foods movement and a big inspiration to me (and many others). His calm manner and almost 'un-pushy' sell approach is very inviting to me… but don't be fooled - this man's knowledge is vast and he has much to share.

During the 10-day cleanse, I drank 'liquids only' (home made juices/smoothies/soups and loads of water) and although I felt amazing, by the end of the 10 days I hadn't shifted the amount of weight I'd hoped to.

I knew this was because during the cleanse I tended to lean towards smoothies as opposed to juices and although smoothies are an amazing source of getting the 'good stuff' in, they often lend themselves to recipes including bananas, avocados, dates, figs, peanut butter etc… which although are healthy REAL foods (and GOOD fat), in abundance they can maintain weight and not help lose it.

After completing 'Cleanse America' I knew the way to go for weight loss was following 'Juice Master' Jason Vale's '7lbs in 7 Days' iPhone app/book.

Jason's enthusiastic HIGH ENERGY approach is infectious, but couldn't be more different to Paul Risse's - but I truly find them both influential in different ways.

So, the '7lbs in 7 Days' defo worked for me (like it has many times before) - Jason has devised an easy-to-use app with a simple menu to follow, recipes, videos, shopping lists… he's truly thought of everything here except for helping us wash up our juicer!

Within a couple of days I felt a difference - funny how I was 'craving' bananas, dates, figs, peanut butter within this period (but thankfully not my OLD BARNEY cravings of drinking wine and scoffing Pringles, chocolate, bread, pasta…)

Sadly, the UK was battered with heavy snow and ice and at day 5 (of juicing only) I fell - I just needed some warmth and a hot meal!

So, by the end of the Cleanse America and '7lbs in 7 Days' programmes I'd done a full 19-day Cleanse (my longest yet) and lost 10lbs.

I am really happy with that and felt so much better in both mind and body for committing to myself.

Some sad news hit home during March when I learnt the news that singer Anastacia has been diagnosed with breast cancer (for a second time).

I was set to be on tour in Europe with her right now… but understandably she has to focus on her health and wellness and our tour was cancelled.

I'm sending her massive 'Good Vibes' to fight this - she's a strong woman filled with life and much to give.Again, another reminder how precious our health is people… this is no rehearsal room - we're on stage NOW !!!

So whilst being 'light' from my usual drumming workload, leaner times have enabled me to focus on the true show in life - not show business, but LIFE business!
I guess from a 'negative' situation I created a positive and I am proud of myself for that - not slipping backwards to processed/alcohol-related, 'comforting' ways (of dealing with stuff).

Like the seasons changing, I can sense an even stronger focus and want for this way of life: "Electric word, life - it means forever, and that's a mighty long time… "

Thanks so much for reading - if you wish you get in touch with me for anything related to these blogs, please write to

Sun Shiny Days, friends! Here's this month's recipes. This morning the sun is shining and I fancied a juice to start the day… here's what I came up with:

Barney's "BEET-iful Day" juice

Into a juicer:

2 large beetroot bulbs (not from a jar or packet… RAW!)

3 apples (golden delicious best)

2 tomatoes

1 lemon (peeled, but white pith left on for extra goodness )

Chunk of ginger (thumb-sized is good )

1 tsp of stirred in apple cider vinegar

Beetroot is a great blood builder/cleanser and never ceases to give me energy and focus.

Apple cider vinegar is great for reducing cholesterol.

Barney's 'Dynamics? I'm blending it as hard as I can!' Smoothie

Into a high-speed blender:

2 frozen bananas
5 fresh figs
1 tbsp of Udo's Choice 'Beyond Greens' superfood powder
1 tbsp crunchy peanut butter (I like Meridans brand with no added sugar)
3 cups almond milk
Half a cup of grated Willie's Cacao 100% dark chocolate (filled with antioxidants!)
A pinch of Sea Salt (I like Pink Himalayan)

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