Steve Barney's 10 day cleanse

Steve Barney has checked in with Rhythm to update us about his juicing diet.

Steve will be taking part in a 10 day Cleanse/Detox as part of Paul Risse's'Cleanse America', during which he will be consuming only juices and smoothies.

Paul has been a big inspiration to the Annie Lennox and Anastacia drummer, whose feature on a healthier approach to drumming in the February issue of Rhythm, and subsequent regular updates online at MusicRadar/Rhythm, have been attracting a lot of positive feedback from drummers keen to improve their drumming through a healthier lifestyle.

Anyone in the world can take part in the Cleanse America 'Spring Alive' campaign, which begins tomorrow (Friday 8th March).

Says Paul, "I believe that a 10 Day Raw Food Cleanse is a simple step and would be of much benefit to anyone participating. A cleanse can improve digestion, help with weight loss, reduce inflammation, lower stress and allow you to wake up to your own personal intuitive wisdom. I have seen it happen thousands of times.

"For 10 days you will eat/drink juices, smoothies, fruits, vegetables, salads and mono meals,"he explains. "You will also find an exercise you enjoy and start a program. You will have a supportive Facebook community to encourage you, share recipes with and have questions answered. You will also have access to private videos that focus on topics of cleansing, exercise and detox."

Included in the cleanse are two ebooks, Small Town Raw and Cleanse America 5 : Spring Alive, with around 100 simple and delicious recipes.

The cleanse costs $25 to join (around £16 UK pounds). Click here for more information and to join the Spring Alive Cleanse.

In the meantime, Paul recommends his 'Popeye C' juice, which involves juicing 4 oranges and 1 big handful of spinach "for a simple and refreshing green OJ!"