Roland reveals flagship V-Drums overhaul with TD-50K and TD-50KV

The Roland TD-50K.
The Roland TD-50K.

Roland has launched an all-new flagship for its highly respected V-Drums range.

The TD-50K and TD-50KV kits replace the TD-30s at the top of the line, and are built around the new TD-50 sound module, alongside the newly developed 14-inch PD-140DS digital snare and 18-inch VY-18DR digital ride cymbal.

While Roland hasn't explained what the Prismatic Sound Modelling technology at the heart of the new sound module actually is, it apparently enables the TD-50 to offer the most accurate, resonant, fully expressive and dynamically responsive electronic drum experience yet offered by the company.

Add in over 400 highly detailed kits and instruments, plus customisation options that take in 30 effects, plus compressor and equaliser controls, alongside the ability to play and layer your own WAVs, and you're looking at the guts of a kit that's unlikely to run out of ideas before you do.

Above: The TD-50 module, featuring 'Prismatic' technology. Answers on a postcard, please.

Both the TD-50K and TD-50KV (which offers an optional acoustic kick converter) feature two key new pieces of V-Drum kit - the CY18DR 18-inch ride and PD-140DS 14-inch snare. Both feature all-new trigger pads designed specifically to make the most of the higher resolution offered by the TD-50.

The CY18DR ride offers acoustically accurate hand muting with natural decay, while Roland claims its upgraded snare's multi-elemnt sensor system offers the best cross-stick and rim shot performance yet.

The new TD-50s and components will be availble in mid-November. Keep an eye on MusicRadar for the definitive review soon, and check out the Roland website for more.

  • CY-18DRV-Cymbal Digital Ride: €499/£409
  • PD-140DSV-Pad Digital Snare: €699/£579
  • TD-50KPro V-Drums Kit: €4,999/£4,129
  • TD-50KV Flagship V-Drums Kit: €7,999/£6,599
  • TD-50Drum Sound Module: €2,499/£2,069

Above: The TD-50KV features an optional acoustic kick converter.


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