Remo paints it black with new drumheads

Always bet on black
Always bet on black

If you're a fashion god like us, you know that everything goes with black. Not only that, it's slimming, too. Realizing these very important facts, Remo has introduced some very snazzy-looking drumheads to its already outstanding line.

Remo's new Black Suede drumheads applies the same unique suede texturing process to its popular Ebony Series drumheads. Offered in Ambassador and Emperor weights, the Black Suede heads provide focused warmth, enhanced mid-range for snare drums and tom toms, without muting their percussive attack. Available is sizes 10", 12", 13", 14", and 16".

The Black Suede Ambassador drumheads feature 1-ply of textured Ebony 10-mil film. The Black Suede Emperor drumheads feature 2-plies of textured Ebony 7.5-mil film. Both weights are ideal for all playing applications. U.S. list price: $15.09 & up.

Remo's Emperor-weight Black X snare head is for heavy hitters. If you're looking for focused midrange and warmth with plenty of attack, this is the head for you. The Black X is 2-plies of textured Ebony 10-mil film with a 3-mil reverse dot, giving it etreme durability with a unique esthetic look. Available in sizes 13" and 14". U.S. list price is $19.99.

Give your drums not only a distinctive sound, but a look that dares to be different.

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