Peter Criss KISS outfit up for sale

Plus: More wacky eBay drum sales
Plus: More wacky eBay drum sales (Image credit: Reuters/CORBIS)

Do you want to look like a 1996-era Peter Criss? Of course you do and you're in luck…

An outfit worn by Criss on KISS's 1996-97 world tour is now up for sale on eBay. It can be yours right here, but be warned, the bidding is already approaching $6,000.

Criss seems to be an easy target for this kind of thing. Back in 2011 a life-sized model of the KISS man was listed on eBay, but, you know what, it did not meet its near $5,000 reserve. Who'd have thought it?

There's plenty more sticksmen that have been involved in online auction shenanigans, who can forget Vinnie Paul selling signed ovens and phones?

Carl Palmer listed a slightly more sensible item, when selling his Gretsch kit, even promising to deliver the drums in person to the winning bidder. The personal touch worked, the kit sold for just shy of £3,500.

Rich Chamberlain

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