NAMM 2015: Drumforge sample library from producer Joey Sturgis announced

NAMM 2015: Producer Joey Sturgis is best known for his work with heavier acts such as Of Mice & Men and Asking Alexandria, but behind the scenes he's been busy working with Joel Wanasek and Joe Wohlitz on an ambitious drum and cymbal sample library - Drumforge.

The library features an extensive and interesting collection of rare drums from the 1940s to modern day classics, multi-sampled using a variety of clever engineering techniques to provide the user with endless possibilities in drum tone creation at the touch of a fader.

Drumforge sample library includes:

  • Unique multi-mic fader system allowing you to blend multiple close and far microphones to create tones you'd never get with other drum software!
  • 10 kicks, 23 snares, 9 sets of toms, 6 crash cymbals, 2 sets of hi-hats, 2 crash ride cymbals, 1 ride cymbal, 2 china cymbals, and 1 splash cymbal
  • Unprocessed and processed versions of each drum
  • .Wav Files of all multi-samples and velocity layers from each microphone
  • Trigger, Drumagog, and Kontakt instrument formats
  • Fully automatable multi-mic fader system for blending and crafting unique drum sounds custom built for Kontakt
  • Detailed and highly informative manual

For more information and to pre-order visit the Drumforge website.