NAMM 2014: Pro-Mark introduces Select Balance series drumsticks

NAMM 2014: Drumstick giants Pro-Mark have gone back to the drawing board to identify the key elements of drumsticks in order of priority: diameter, taper, tip shape, and tip material. They then took the five most popular diameters and made them the core of the new Select Balance line.

Having earmarked that drummers prefer two types of stick balance: forward or rebound, the Select Balance line gives drummers the option of both in five diameters that give them preferred balance for any playing style. The sticks are weight sorted within 1.5 grams for the closest weight matching in the industry, and are also tone sorted within six hertz for the closest tonal pairing industry-wide.

"Now the balance of power is in drummers' hands," says Product Specialist, Rob Caniglia. "ProMark has changed the process, changed the design, and in turn, changed the game for drummers", added D'Addario President, Rick Drumm.