NAMM 2011: Pro-Mark introduces new drum accessories

(L-R) Joey Jordison signature drumstick; B400 brush; Performer Series timpani mallet; Small Broomstick; Multi-Purpose stick; Performer Series mallet
(L-R) Joey Jordison signature drumstick; B400 brush; Performer Series timpani mallet; Small Broomstick; Multi-Purpose stick; Performer Series mallet

NAMM 2011 PRESS RELEASE: Houston-based Pro-Mark, an affiliate of D'Addario and Company, Inc is pleased to introduce its newest multi-purpose drumstick.

The SD6 is a maple stick, similar in design to our SD9, but with a felt ball on the butt end. It is 16" long x .610 in diameter with a relatively long taper and oval shaped wood tip for good balance and feel.

New mallets, brushes and snare drum sticks

The new Performer Series Timpani Mallets consists of 5 different mallets to cover a broad spectrum of tones and articulations. They feature maple handles and are covered with a unique felt material manufactured in Germany. The result is a line of mallets unequalled in balance for effortless playing, superb tone and warm sound.

The PSX50R, also added to the Performer Series, features a rattan handle and Teflon ball. Made primarily for use on Xylophone, Bells and Glockenspiel, the PSX50R is slightly heavier in weight, and produces a dark, rich, full-bodied tone.

Unique in their construction, the new Ensemble Series of mallets features rattan handles for a great feel, and rubber cores wrapped in latex of varying hardnesses. The series includes five models, each of which produces a strong, dark, yet articulate sound.

The B400 professional-quality brush features a black plastic handle with retractable bristles. The bristles, made of blue nylon are slightly thinner in diameter for a softer touch and increased sensitivity. The PMBRM2 "Small Broomsticks" are simply a smaller version of our popular Broomsticks. They are shorter (14 ½" long) and smaller in diameter (.800") for additional control. The Small Broomsticks produce a sound that falls in between brushes and Hot Rods.

Another model has been added to Pro-Mark's popular line of marching snare drum sticks. The TXDC72W, designed in cooperation with Chris Retschulte, is made of American hickory. It is 16 7/8" long x .700" in diameter and features a narrow taper and ball-shaped wood tip for a great sound and feel, particularly in the lower dynamic range.

Stick Rapp sees red

Another contemporary colour has been added to the popular Stick Rapp line. As with the other colours in the line, the red-coloured Stick Rapp is an easy-to-apply, non-sticky tape that offers exceptional comfort, soft feel and secure grip.

Big-name signature products

Pro-Mark is please to announce the addition of a Japanese Shira Kashi Oak version of Joey Jordison's popular hickory model. The PW515W is identical to the TX515W - 16" long x .551" in diameter, with a slim neck for a fast rebound and a round wood tip for exceptional articulation. This design, along with the legendary strength and durability of Shira Kashi Oak, makes the PW515W a very versatile drumstick.

Made of a black, cordura-type material, the Joey Jordison stick bag is extremely durable. The two large pockets on the inside of the bag are designed to hold plenty of sticks. A mesh pocket on the inside makes it easy to see what's inside. Additional pockets on the inside and outside of the bag provide even more storage. A sturdy handle and adjustable shoulder strap makes for easy transport. Joey's #1 signature and a stylish rendering of his face create a great looking, functional stick bag.

Pro-Mark is also delighted to introduce two new models from marching icon Scott Johnson of the Blue Devils.The Scott Johnson Autograph Model is made of American hickory. It is 17" long and .7" in diameter, with a medium taper and modified ball-shaped wood tip - great for a wide dynamic range and responsive rebound

The Scott Johnson "Sco-Jo" Practice Stick is also made of American hickory. It is 17" long and .700" in diameter. with a medium taper and modified ball-shaped rubber tip. It's perfect for practice on virtually any surface, but also produces a muted, yet articulate, sound from marching snare or tenor drums.

In the bag

A backpack is also to be added to Pro-Mark's growing line of percussion accessories. The backpack is red in colour,, made of a durable, cordura-type material and features an attached stick bag that is easily removable by simply unzipping it. The large inner compartment holds notebooks, music, practice pad, computer and more. There are multiple zippered pockets for smaller items such as keys or an iPod. There is also a molded headphone port and side mesh water bottle pockets. The mesh-covered shoulder straps provide extra comfort and breathability.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Pro-Mark

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