Musikmesse 2016: Are the FD-9 and KT-9 the quietest kick and hi-hat pedals ever?

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Shhh it s the new Roland KT 9 kick trigger

Shhh, it's the new Roland KT-9 kick trigger.

Roland KT-9 kick trigger

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Roland FD 9 hi hat trigger

Roland FD-9 hi-hat trigger.

Roland FD-9 hi-hat trigger

MUSIKMESSE 2016: Roland have announced new, ultra-quiet kick and hi-hat pedals designed to further reduce the noise of electronic kit practice.

While drumming with headphones has revolutionised many players' practice routines, even an electronic kit and associated tackle can make what many long-suffering co-habitees tend to term 'a racket'.

Roland claim that their FD-9 hi-hat and KT-9 kick triggers reduce operational noise by 50% and 85% respectively, compared to 'standard' practice pedals.


Most obviously, in the KT-9's case, this is done with a beaterless design, while the FD-9's stealth is achieved with a new ultra-quiet link mechanism.

The KT-9 and FD-9 will both have RRPs of £149, and are available for pre-order now, ahead of a May release.