Musikmesse 2011: Yamaha announces five new DTX Electronic Drum models

The five new models bring top-class features to entry- and mid-level price points.
The five new models bring top-class features to entry- and mid-level price points.

Musikmesse 2011 Press Release: Yamaha unveils an incredible five new DTX models, all characterised by new player-friendly innovations and more affordable prices.

Range highlights include a new DTX700 module, new rack systems and the revolutionary new TCS pad design. The new Yamaha DTX range will continue to inspire playing, and owning one has never been easier or more affordable.

When Yamaha introduced its flagship DTX900 series in January 2010, it proved a game-changer for serious drummers demanding the very best in sound, feel and features from an electronic drum kit.

Yamaha now announces an entirely new range of entry-level and mid-priced DTX, the DTX500K, DTX520K, DTX540K, DTX700K and DTX750K. These new drum sets build on the flagship DTX900 series, bringing many of its features, innovations and capability to discerning players across the whole range as Yamaha's acclaimed 'Textured Cellular Silicon' technology are made available on mid-range models.

In recent years, Yamaha's acclaimed DTX Electronic Drums have become familiar images in live settings on the world's stages and in many top recording studios; the typical customers, however, are passionate and discerning amateur yet serious musicians, who want the capability of a serious drum kit, combined with new technology options to play and learn at home.

The new Yamaha range will continue to inspire new customers and lapsed players to return to music making - taking the decision to play DTX has never been easier.

The new DTX700 module brings a whole new range of innovations and capabilities to both the DTX700K and the DTX750K. Bursting with over 1200 of the highest quality acoustic drum, cymbal, and percussion voices including multi layered samples of Yamaha's Acoustic drums, along with a superb collection of sounds from the MOTIF XF synthesiser.

Yamaha has worked on every detail of the drum sounds and characteristics, including snare buzz and tom resonance, making the 'real' drum experience as authentic as possible.

As well as a wide variety of inbuilt preset kits, the DTX700 also allows the user to create bespoke and custom kits using the onboard flash memory, where up to 64MB of new sounds can be imported and stored directly into the module via the USB device port. Coming complete with Cubase AI5, the new DTX700 can be linked directly to your computer for recording and production, which can be controlled directly from the module itself.

Like Yamaha's flagship DTX900 series, the DTX750K features a complete set of 3 Zone 'Textured Cellular Silicone' (TCS) Pads, which deliver unprecedented dynamic control and feel for players. Alongside these new benefits, the pads are also the quietest ever developed. Complimenting the unique 'Textured Cellular Silicone Head' technology is a completely redesigned and highly effective inbuilt suspension system, which absorbs energy away from the hand and wrist, providing a new level of comfort and playability.

A newly designed RS700 rack is used to mount the drum and cymbal pads; this new rack is built for comfort and can be configured in a number of ways for maximum flexibility. The DTX700K has been designed on a smaller scale using the more compact RS500 rack system, along with Yamaha's new single zone 'Textured Cellular Silicone' (TCS) pads, offering drummers a new level of expression and control at a totally new price point.

The DTX500K, DTX520K and the DTX540K are powered by the DTX500 module with over 440 voices, including many sampled from Yamaha's acclaimed acoustic kits, and its ease of use and simple set up makes it the perfect option for people wanting to simply plug in and play.

These sets boast a range of great features and sounds matched by some brilliant and innovative learning and practice tools. The sound module contains 449 sounds and many creative recording and practice options are available, while a simple to use recording function is perfect for composing, practice and learning.

The new DTX500K redefines standards for an entry-level kit, replacing the successful DTXplorer. Bringing even more playability, significantly improved sounds and learning features to first time buyers, the DTX500K is sure to further expand the market for Yamaha's 'Affordable' Electronic Drums.

The DTX520K and the DTX540K models feature a newly designed 3-zone Cymbal pad, which is used for the crash cymbal and the Hi Hat. Authentic 'Snare' expression is guaranteed thanks to the XP80 snare, which offers superior stick feel, snare head, open rimshot and closed rimshot in each of the 3-zones.

The DTX540K also features a full set of Yamaha's 'Textured Cellular Silicone' (TCS) pads, delivering unprecedented dynamic control at a totally new price point, making this the most affordable kit for highly demanding drumming situations.

All pads are mounted on the newly designed RS500 rack for both DTX520K and DTX540K, which is built for easy access and comfort - the rack system can be configured in a number of ways for maximum flexibility.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Yamaha

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