Get Looped with RealLiveLoops Volume 2

But does it include drummer jokes?
But does it include drummer jokes?

If you want a real live drummer but don't want to pay the real live drummer price, RealLiveLoops is a pretty good deal. And now there's RealLiveLoops Volume 2. That'll teach those pesky real live drummers a thing or two.

The second volume of RealLiveLoops, the inventively titled RealLiveLoops Volume 2, feature over 1500 drum grooves and fills, as well as multi-sampled drum single hits. RealLiveLoops Volume 2 features drum loops in a variety of styles, including rock, pop, funk & hip-hop, at tempos ranging from 75bpm to 135bpm. Each drum beat and fill is included in two forms: 'dry'(unprocessed) and 'wet' (high-quality digital reverb applied) for maximum flexibility. Use the 'wet' loops for a big rock sound, the 'dry' loops for a tight funky sound, or add your own level of reverb as required.

Ideal for projects where the sound and feel of a live drummer is required, each drum loop and drum fill has been recorded to the highest standard using exactly the same drum sounds, which enables any combination of loops and fills to be used in a particular song.
RealLiveLoops Volume 2 contains 700Mb of material in total, including 110Mb of drum fills, and 50Mb of multi-sampled drum single hits at a variety of velocities. Sound files are in 16-bit acidized WAV format, compatible with all leading audio sequencers and samplers.

Of course, if you want a real 'live' drummer, we're always available - wet or dry. In the meantime, for more information on RealLiveLoops Volume 2, visit the official RealLiveLoops website.