First look: TRX ALT cymbals, with video

Although TRX is a relatively new company in the world of cymbals, we were impressed by the LTD range we reviewed back in 2009. The ALT range is designed to ape the all-rounder lines similar to Zildjian As and Sabian AAs, but offering something a bit heavier, brighter and more aggressive for the new breed of modern player.

Each cymbal is noticeable heavier than it's other-brand counterparts, is micro-lathed and hammered with a raw bell.

Starting with the 20" ride, stick definition is clear-cut, sharp and high pitched, but with a deeper tone pushing through to add body. Crash-riding is shrill and industrial and it has a long sustain that maintains impressive volume.

Closing the 14" hi-hats damps out the higher tones, leaving deeper, warmer notes. It is only as you start to open the hats up and splash them that they, like the ride, reveal their piercing and full-bodied fury. Very versatile then, it just takes a reasonably schooled drummer to extract each of the individual voices.

The 18" China is more musical than many we've tried, offering up a focused clang rather than a trashy din.

The two crashes also present satisfyingly different voices. The 17" is fast and rich while the 18" has more presence and depth. Both have a shorter sustain than the ride and more warmth overall than others in the range.

Effects cymbals are an acquired taste, but the 10" splash was a pleasingly useable addition rather than an awkward sound shoehorned into the setup. It produces a lively note that's extremely quick and makes it great for bright accents that complement the other cymbals.

Watch our video to see the TRX ALTs in action.

For a full review pick up issue 246 of Rhythm, on sale 25/08/15.