Electronic drumkit t-shirt for chest beaters

Is that Mike Skinner
Is that Mike Skinner?

Drummers, or people who think they've got 'the rhythm', will bang anything. Desks, steering wheels, your head. Nothing is safe. Now, to make matters worse, someone's built an electronic drumkit inside a t-shirt so they can drum themselves anywhere.

The electronic shirt features a picture of a seven piece kit, playable with a tap, prod or a slap. Each piece emits a different sound (bass, cymbal, snare etc) through a hidden, embedded speaker. There's an adjustable volume control and a removable slot for four AAA batteries.

There's no mention of an audio output, but you can see a cable protruding from a nether region in this video demo, so we presume there is one. The shirts are available through Think Geek for $29.99.

Next up: air guitar jeans with a fully-playable inside hem…

Electronic drumkit t shirt

Electronic drumkit t-shirt

(Via: Ubergizmo)