Dream Cymbals at Drum Expo 2014

DRUM EXPO 2014: Born in 2005, Dream Cymbals & Gongs Inc is the partnership of passionate Canadian instrument designers and generations of Chinese gong smiths.

Dream Cymbals & Gongs are all made exclusively in a family owned gong factory in the famed Wuhan region of China. For generations this factory has forged the finest gongs in the world.

In fact, bronze bell technology is very old in China, possibly dating back as far as 2000 BC or earlier. There are some who speculate the Chinese exported their cymbals and gongs along the Silk Road to Turkey, where they designed their own versions.

Today, Dream Cymbals are distributed in over 14 countries and counting. Our exceptional old world craftsmanship, unparalleled sound and affordable pricing make these cymbals a must-have.

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Dream are committed to supporting local development and dealers as well as producing our products in a responsible and sustainable manner. Most importantly, we are committed to providing exceptional musical products to musicians of all types.

Everyone deserves the best. Everyone deserves their Dream.

Dream Cymbals demo by Josh Carpenter (Ellie Goulding)

In this video, UK Dream artist Josh Carpenter (Ellie Goulding, Nate James, Violet Sion) presents a variety of Dream Cymbal setups and explains why he chooses to endorse the Dream Cymbals brand.

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UK artist Ed Freitas Dream Cymbals demo

Independent artist Ed Freitas shows off his immense skills using the Dream Cymbals Dark Matter range...

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Dream Cymbals endorsee James Collins

maybeshewill's drummer James Collins walks us through his Dream Cymbals set-up and reveals which cymbals he chose to achieve specific sounds.

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UK artist Andy Edwards talks Dream Cymbals

Frost, and Robert Plant's Priory of Brion drummer Andy Edwards explains why Dream are climbing the ranks of must-have cymbals.

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Dream Cymbals recycling programme in the UK

As all drummers know, once a cymbal has started to show signs of split damage after years of taking a hammering, there's little that can be done apart from add it to that stack of knackered crashes leaning against the wall in the back room.

Dream has the solution: we have brought our cymbal recycling programme to the UK. For every broken B20 cymbal you bring us, we'll knock 50p per inch off a brand new Dream cymbal.

Take any old split, smashed or cracked cast cymbal to your local Dream recycling point. Cymbals for recycling include crashes, rides, hi-hats, and so on, and can be from any manufacturer. Here you can find a list of Dream Cymbals retailers and recycle points in the UK.

For more information visit the official Dream Cymbals website, connect with them via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or check out their UK artist page.