Dream Bliss cymbals

DRUM EXPO 2014: The Bliss cymbal is Dream's flagship model, available in crash, crash/ride, ride, hi-hats, splash and 'paper thin' versions.

Bliss are new cymbals made in the ancient tradition, and each one is an individual work of art, painstakingly hand forged and hand hammered.

These cymbals have warmth that seduces at low volume and thunders with a froth of dark undertones at more extreme volumes. These cymbals come alive, shimmering and wobbling, as if the mere touch of human hands excites the cymbal and it can't wait to get its voice out there and sing.

Bliss cymbals are resilient and slightly soft on the stick. The undertones are warm, rich and dark with an edge of dragon's breath. Each one is a unique, complex voice that will excite your imagination.

Stand out features:

  • Surface: micro lathed by hand
  • Bow: low gentle bridge
  • Bell: smart, articulate, clear
  • Weight: thin tapers at edge
  • Hammering: hand hammering before and after lathing
  • Stick: woody round attack
  • Wash: lots of full spectrum wash, quick delay

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