Dream Dark Matter cymbals

DRUM EXPO 2014: Dark Matter cymbals are heavy and totally un-lathed. While not at all gongy, they can certainly ring a bit more than a traditional lighter cymbal. Stick response is also fantastic.

Dark Matter cymbals currently come in several 'flavours': Dark Matter Energy rides, Dark Matter Flat Earth rides, Dark Matter crashes, Dark Matter hi-hats and the grand-daddy of the Dark Matter family, the Dark Matter Moon rides - these are quite heavy, very dry and cutting. Not for the faint of heart.

Although the design and production methods are different for these models, they have all been through Dream's special 'Dark Matter Process'.

This process involves returning an already finished cymbal to the ovens for repeated rounds of heating and hand hammering, only to then shock it with a cold-water bath. The result is a cymbal that is pure bronze on the inside but with ash and soot from the oven fused with the top layer of metal. Dark Matters are essentially cymbals that have been created twice.

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