DrumCraft returns with a brand new triple-pronged drum kit line-up

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European retailer, Thomann has announced that it has revived the DrumCraft brand, with three new drum kit series, as well as two ranges of hardware on offer.

DrumCraft was originally conceived in 2009 by European distributor, GEWA and quickly grabbed the attention of high-profile artists before ceasing production in the middle of the last decade. 

But now, Thomann is looking to bring the brand and its potential back to the market with the re-introduction of a whole new catalogue of kits and hardware available in pre-configured setups at various price points starting at under £500. Let’s dive in!

DrumCraft Series 3

The entry point into the DrumCraft line-up is the Series 3, which is pitched at beginner to intermediate players who are looking to start drumming. It’s an all-poplar design featuring 7-ply/6.8mm shells with a 45-degree bearing edge throughout. 


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The Series 3 is offered in two configurations: Standard (22”x16”/10”x7”/12”x8”/16”x14” and 14”x5” snare) or Studio (20”x16”/10”x7”/12”x8”/14”x12” and 14”x5” snare), with a choice of Black or Natural wrap finishes. DrumCraft is also including its Series 4 hardware pack comprising double-braced snare, hi-hat and boom cymbal stands, as well as a Series 4 single bass drum pedal.

Series 3 Specs
Wood: Poplar
Shell: 7-ply
Shell Thickness: 6.8 mm
Bearing edge: 45 degree
Finishes: Black Wrap, Natural Wrap Hardware: Hardware pack included.

Prices start at £459/€561/$549.

DrumCraft Series 4

The Series 4 is the mid-level kit from DrumCraft, which the brand says is perfect for intermediate players who are progressing to the stage, studio or social media. Here, the shells are thinner at 5.6mm, and feature a hybrid 7-ply layup of mahogany and poplar arranged as two plies of mahogany, three plies of poplar and a further two plies of mahogany. Once again, the shells are cut with a 45-degree bearing edge.

Key upgrades in the Series 4 kits from the Series 3 are the introduction of 5.5”-deep snare drums, Zero Gravity tom isolation mounts, black powder-coated hardware and a range of fade, sparkle and burst lacquer finishes.  


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As well as this, Series 4 comes with a greater number of configuration options, with the same Standard and Studio five-piece kit options as Series 3, but with the addition of its 2 Up/2 Down setup, which  expands the bass drum depth by two inches to 22x18, and offers and additional floor tom for a 10”x7”/12”x8”/14”x12/16”x14” four-tom setup.

Series 4 Specs:
Wood: Mahogany Poplar Hybrid.
Shell: 7 ply - 2 mahogany/3 poplar/2 mahogany
Shell Thickness: 5.6MM
Bearing edge: 45 degree
Finishes: Sherwood Green Fade, Platinum Sparkle Burst, Cardiac Burst, Cream Mocca Burst, Bright Arabica Fade.

The Series 4 starts at £675/€786/$807.

DrumCraft Series 6

The flagship of the revived DrumCraft range is the Series 6, and as you might expect, features further options and upgrades. The Series 6 drums are based around an 8-ply, 6.4mm shell design, this time comprising four external plies of walnut (two on each side), which sandwich four plies of maple at the shell’s core, with a 45-degree bearing edge.

Configurations include Standard (22”x18/10”x7”, 12”x8” and 16”x14), Studio 20”x16”/10”x7”, 12”x8” and 14”x14” and a 14”x5.5 snare), 2 Up/2 Down (22”x18”/10”x7”/12”x8”/14”x12/16”x14” 14”x5.5” snare) and the Series 6-only Jazz sizes (18”x14”/12”x8”/14”x14” and 14”x5” snare).

Series 4 kits are offered in four finishes: three satin and one high-gloss lacquer, with the satin-finish drums fitted with DrumCraft’s brushed nickel hardware across the board.

Series 6 Specs
Wood: Walnut Maple Hybrid
Shell: 8 ply = 2 walnut/4 maple/2 walnut
Shell Thickness: 6.4MM
Bearing edge: 45 degree
Finishes: Satin Black, Satin Natural, Scottish white burst, Black to purple fade.

The Series 6 kits start at £849/€989/$1015.

DrumCraft Snare drums


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DrumCraft’s Series 6 snare drums are available individually, and follow the same maple/walnut shells, sizes and finish options as the Series 6 kits. Currently, DrumCraft offers the snares as standalone drums in 14”x5”, 14”x5.5” and 14”x6.5” depths, with prices starting at £155/€180/$185.

DrumCraft Series 4 Hardware


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As well as bundling its Series 4 hardware with its Series 3 drums, each component is available as an individual item. DrumCraft describes its Series 4 hardware as “Lightweight and secure”, with double-braced legs, retractable booms and gear-based Flex-Tec cymbal tilters. The Cymbal Boom Stands weigh-in at 2.7kg, and prices start at £42.

DrumCraft Series 4 Cymbal Boom Stand

DrumCraft Series 4 Hi-hat stand

DrumCraft Series 4 Snare drum stand

DrumCraft Series 4 Single bass drum pedal

DrumCraft Series 6 Hardware


(Image credit: DrumCraft)

Series 6 hardware steps things up with larger tube diameters, heavier bracing and the inclusion of memory locks throughout. DrumCraft says that its Series 6 hardware offers “strong, reliable and stable hardware solutions for pro-level drummers and can hold its own in any situation on stage.”

By comparison, a Series 6 Cymbal Boom Stand hits the scale at a beefier 4.4kg.

As well as universal items, the Series 6 range includes DrumCraft’s own tom holders with bass drum/stand-mounted options and a single holder including a multi-clamp are available in Satin Chrome finish.

DrumCraft Series 6 Cymbal Boom Stand

DrumCraft Series 6 Hi-hat stand

DrumCraft Series 6 Snare drum stand

DrumCraft Series 6 Single bass drum pedal

DrumCraft Bass Drum Single Tom Holder

DrumCraft Bass Drum Double Tom Holder

DrumCraft Single Tom Holder w/multi-clamp  

For more information on DrumCraft drums, visit the DrumCraft website.

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