Dreadbox goes DIY with $140 Hades synth kit

Greek manufacturer Dreadbox has rebooted its classic bass synthesizer in DIY form and it’s Eurorack compatible.

The now-discontinued 3-voiced analogue monosynth lives on in a new low-cost format, with two options available.

For the more adventurous DIY enthusiast, the Hades is offered as an unbuilt kit, with all the parts required to complete the synthesizer supplied aside from a power supply. However, should you not feel like you’re up to the task of building it yourself, it is also offered as a pre-built instrument, which does include a power supply.

To keep costs low, the metal chassis with wooded ends have been ditched in favour of a glass epoxy faceplate and cardboard enclosure.

Prices start at $140 for the unassembled kit and $250 for the pre-built version. For more information check out the Dreadbox website.

The DIY Kit includes

  • Main PCB
  • Power PCB with MIDI to CV
  • Front panel (FR-4 glass epoxy)
  • Ribbon cable
  • 42HP Cardboard Case
  • Cardboard cover
  • It does not include the 15V DC power supply, which you can buy separately (If you want to install it to your Eurorack case you can do so without this power supply.)
  • The DIY Kit includes

The Assembled Kit includes

  • 42HP Eurorack compatible Hades synthesizer with front panel by FR-4 glass epoxy
  • Competed Power PCB with Midi to CV
  • Ribbon Cable
  • 15V DC Power supply 2,5mm center pin positive (comes with 3 plugs, EU, UK, USA)
  • 42HP Cardboard Case
  • Cardboard cover
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