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$50 off the Korg Wavestate synth is one of the best Christmas deals we’ve seen

Korg Wavestate
(Image credit: Korg)

For ambient producers and lovers of sound design, there have been few more exciting releases in 2020 than the Korg Wavestate, which makes this pre-Christmas deal at Sweetwater even… well, sweeter. For a limited time, you can get the Korg Wavestate for just $749.99, down $50 from its usual selling price. For a product only released this year, that’s a very nice deal indeed.

The Korg Wavestate has been winning the hearts of synth lovers since its release at the turn of the year, and with this reduction there has never been a better time to see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

In the 1990’s, the original Korg Wavestation was loved by sound designers and ambient producers in particular, on account of the sheer breadth of its capability to take, make, mould and drastically alter sound. Part of the joy of synthesis is those happy mistakes, where you accidentally stumble on a sound or sequence, and the Wavestation was among the best at facilitating these eureka moments. 

The Korg Wavestate, released in January, is seen as both a reboot and a sequel to the original, giving those same flexible tools of the original but with much more in the way of creative potential.

The classic joystick is correct and present, allowing users to intuitively switch between different waves, while the modulation and layering functions are perfect for creating those evolving, animated drones and pads with a healthy dose of randomization available, if required. It’s not all about crazy noises though; the Korg Wavestate is a grown-up instrument designed for performance as well as synth noodling. You can save entire setlists, for example, while switching between patches is quick and intuitive.

At a time when certain synth brands are looking only to recreate former glories, or ‘borrow’ iconic designs from the past, it’s nice to see Korg taking something from its rich history and applying a bit of future magic to it. The results have proven worth the wait.