Pioneer unveils the DJM-2000nexus mixer

Pioneer has unveiled detail of its latest DJ mixer, the DJM-2000nexus, a successor to the company's highly-rated DJM-2000.

The 2000nexus is described by Pioneer as a performance mixer and adds a host of features designed to allow DJs to chop up and rearrange tracks and trigger samples on the fly. These features focus around the unit's new Pro DJ Link function, allowing for advanced synchronisation between the mixer and other units, such as Pioneer's recent CDJ-2000nexus players and laptops running rekordbox.

Like its predecessor, the DJM-2000nexus features a central touchscreen, which now takes charge of controlling the device's Beat Slice function.

For more info check out the intro video and official press release below. The DJM-2000nexus is expected to start shipping later this month at an RRP of 2,299€.

Pioneer DJM-2000nexus official press release:

Product Concept

There has been increased diversification in DJ playing styles within the DJ/club scene in recent years, where in addition to simply mixing tracks, DJs arrange tunes on the fly by modifying the sound with the use of effectors and using multiple playersin real-time. In response to this growing trend, Pioneer has revamped the revered high-end DJM-2000 model, which has become a permanent fixture at clubs for its diverse functionality that provides DJs with superior usability and diverse performance. The updated DJM-2000nexus performance DJ mixer for professional DJs/clubs allows new tracks to be arranged using a touch panel.

The new model inherits the same layout and functions of the DJM-2000 and comes with the new "BEAT SLICE" function that allows tracks to be sliced and arranged in real-time, and the "SYNC MASTER" function that allows full control of track beats being played from connected audio players. These functions improve "PRO DJ LINK" used with multiple Pioneer players such as the CDJ-2000nexus (released at the end of September) to allow a wider variety of tracks to be arranged more accurately. Channel fader durability and sound quality have also been improved in response to requirements of mixers that are now permanently used at clubs.

Main Features

New "PRO DJ LINK" expanding scale of DJ performances

PRO DJ LINK, connecting up multiple Pioneer player, rekordbox laptops and the DJM-2000nexus has new functions expanding the scale of DJ performances.

"BEAT SLICE" function to create new track slices using the touch panel. Track slices input into the mixer are sampled and arranged with new beats to create new slices in an instant. Connecting multiple Pioneer playersallow tracks to be arranged accurately without affecting the beat. Sampled slices are cut automatically to the timing of the beat, allowing new beats to be arranged by changing audio samples to any order.

"SYNC MASTER", collectively controlling beat of multiple players.

Beats (tempo and beat position) of tracks playing on multiple playersconnected to the mixer via LINK can be automatically synchronized with the master clock of the mixer. The playback tempo can also be adjusted using the mixer touch panel. Player beats can be controlled in full from the mixer, which means numerous tracks can be arranged with ease without having to synchronize the beats of each player.

High-quality sound design to create the ideal club sound

The new mixer delivers even better sound quality while inheriting the same audio design as the high-end DJM-2000 model. The audio circuit clock comes with a low-jitter crystal oscillator, and noise reduction in the audio power source results in faithful reproduction of sound. The use of high-quality audio parts in the booth monitor output and SEND/RETURN improve clarity even further.

Newly developed peak limiter that allows playback while limiting track distortion, even at high audio volumes

The mixer comes with a new peak limiter that allows playback of master output tracks while limiting distortion, even at maximum output sound levels. This prevents delays in the output audio, while limiting track distortion naturally without affecting the powerful rhythms of tracks.

High-durability channel fader used for non-stop smooth operations

A high-performance channel fader has been used to improve durability. This ensures smooth operations even in the demanding surroundings of a club.

Advanced design that matches the professional CDJ-2000nexus model

Chrome-plating has been applied to knobs used for adjusting effect frequencies, and a white LED has been used for the beat button used to control beat effects. The look matches that of the CDJ-2000nexus system when they are placed side-by-side, while designed with an advanced appearance.

Other features

  • LAN terminals for connecting up to 4 multiple playersand up to 2 PCs at the same time.
  • Built-in USB audio interface that can assign audio systems of up to 4 systems to each channel from a single PC.
  • Switchable 3 band EQ and 3 band ISOLATER on each channel (control from +6 dB to -26 dB with EQ, and +6 dB to -∞ dB with ISOLATER).
  • Digital input terminals on each channel that allow audio signals to be input without affecting sound quality.
  • "Talk Over" that lowers the volume of tracks automatically when there is a signal input via the microphone.
  • "Peak Level Meter" on all channels that allow the input level input to each channel to be checked in an instant.
  • "Cross Fader Assign" to assign cross faders flexibly to each channel input.
  • "Fader Curve Adjust" function that allows the cross fader and channel fader curve to be changed.
  • Environmentally-friendly "Auto Standby Function" that switches the power to standby mode when there is no operation or input for a certain period of time.


Information taken from official press release, for more visit Pioneer DJ.

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