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Competition: pop artist wants you to remix her track

Jo Birchall wants your version of Wonderful.
Jo Birchall wants your version of Wonderful.

If you fancy taking on a remix project, we have just the opportunity you've been looking for. Singer/songwriter Jo Birchall is offering MusicRadar users the chance to rework her single Wonderful into a club epic.

All the stem files for the song are contained in two zip files: your task is to use as many of them as you like to create a Wonderful remix. Once this is done, you need to upload it to Jo Birchall's SoundCloud Dropbox - she'll pick the winning entry and this will become the official club remix of the song.

The closing date for entries is 31 August 2011 so you'll need to get cracking. Unfortunately, only entries from the UK can be accepted.

Here are the all important stem files - click the links to download them.

Wonderful stems A (230MB)

Wonderful stems B (491MB)