Deceased drummer propped up behind drum kit at his own funeral

Warning: Please be aware that this story contains video footage of a funeral service that might be distressing to some readers.

Guyanese drummer, Bonny Brent (real name, Brentnol McPherson), was recently given an unusual send off - by being propped up behind his drum kit at his own funeral.

The deceased drummer’s family and friends decided to pay tribute to Bonny’s life and love of drumming by placing him behind his kit at his funeral in Toronto, Canada. Arranged in consultation with Covenant Funeral Homes, Bonny’s body was dressed in a yellow tracksuit, white baseball cap and black sunglasses, while a pair of sticks were placed in his hands.

Meanwhile, Bonny’s kit was fitted with a commemorative bass drum head bearing the funeral home’s logo, along with the words ‘Bonny Brent 1952-2021’.

Clips of Bonny Brent’s memorial service, which took place on 23 April were streamed to YouTube, with the video title ‘Bonny Brent’s Last Performance’, as well as a post to Covenant Funeral Homes’ Facebook page.

The words accompanying the video read, ‘Reunited with his dad the late greats Tom Charles, Pamela Maynard, Dennis Brown and the many artists gone before him. ‘This was truly an honor! THANK YOU BONNY….WE SAID WE NEEDED TO TELL THE WORLD ABOUT JESUS….. WITHOUT HIM, This would still be in my dreams……I know you are happy!!!”

Brentnol 'Bonny Brent' McPherson

(Image credit: Facebook)

The cause of Bonny Brent’s death hasn't been officially confirmed, although it’s understood that he had been receiving treatment for cancer. 

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