Cort gives the KX700 the EverTune treatment and unveils a pair of shred-ready KX307 multi-scale 7-strings

Cort 2022
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Cort has added three shreddable new electric guitars to its KX series, with a pair of multi-scale 7-string guitars joining a generously spec’d KX700 EverTune.

The release comes hot on the heels of newly upgraded G290 FAT II and X300 models featuring flip-flop polychromatic finishes, with Cort again promising more is to come. 

The new KX700 is the first Cort electric to be fitted with an EverTune bridge, but that’s not where the updates end. The arch-top solidbody has a new top contour that Cort says will enhance comfort, an open-pore finish, and a set of Seymour Duncan Sentient and Nazgul humbuckers.

Cort X700 EverTune

(Image credit: Cort)

Altogether, the KX700 EverTune is a premium instrument, comprising a solid mahogany body with an ash top. You can see all the top’s grain under the open-pore finish. It has bolt-on construction with a five-piece maple and walnut neck topped with an ebony fingerboard and 24 wide-and-tall stainless steel frets

The Seymour Duncan humbucker pairing should give your riffs a certain je ne sais quoi, and are sure to make this a formidable metal guitar – just add high-gain guitar amp for maximum chug. The pickups are controlled by a volume and tone pots, and a three-way toggle switch that’s mounted on the lower bout.

Other player-friendly features include a Hotrod spoke nut truss rods for making easy tweaks to neck relief, while Luminlay glow-in-the-dark side dot markers will help you navigate the super-flat 15.75” radius fingerboard in low light situations.

Assisting the EverTune bridge in its efforts to keep this KX700 in perfect tuning, we have a set of staggered locking tuners on the headstock – a headstock that like all these new 2022 electrics features Cort’s snazzy next-gen logo.

Now, to the multi-scale 7-string electrics. This is something of a specialty of Cort’s. We have played and rated Cort's KX500MS for its fair price and high performance, and while the pricing has yet to be released, this new KX307 promises to do something similar at an even more accessible price point.

The KX307MS models come in a choice of Open Pore Mahogany and Open Pore Black, with both instruments’ signature scale lengths measuring 25.5” on the 1st string and 27” on the seventh, with the neutral fret – the one that is non-fanned and parallel as on a regular scale guitar – located at the 8th fret. 

The whole point of the design is to keep the low-end tight and solid for extended-range riffing, while treble strings retain a similar feel to a regular guitar and allow for speedy leads and big ol’ string bends. 

Both KX307MS models have solid mahogany bodies, bolt-on roasted maple necks, roasted maple 15.75” radius fingerboards, and 24 jumbo frets. And their Power Bar pickups offer a passive high-output performance that’s voiced for extended-range instruments. 

Like the KX700 EverTune, the control circuit comprises volume and tone pots, and a three-way toggle, with the KX307MS models kitted out with an individual hardtail bridge as seen on other Cort multi-scale electrics. It’s a neat design to aid intonation and tone, in which each saddle is effectively a bridge unto itself. Again, we’ve got the Hotrod truss rod spoke nut, which is always good to see.

Prices are TBC. For more details, head over to Cort.

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