CopperSound goes super-compact with the revamped Gravity Bomb V2 Clean Boost and Renegade fuzz

CopperSound Pedals Renegade and Gravity Bomb V2
(Image credit: CopperSound Pedals)

CopperSound Pedals, the boutique pedal company much-loved by Jack White, has unveiled a pair of mini guitar effects pedals that offer outsized fuzz and clean boost from an enclosure that leaves plenty of space on your pedalboard for more.

The Gravity Bomb V2 is a second-generation take on the company’s clean boost, and returns with a three-way selectable mids control, while the Renegade is a multi-bias fuzz pedal inspired by the Tone Bender MK1.5.

Both are tiny. Both are also very simple designs, with both dominated by one dial, flanked by a switch, and LED, jacks offset and mounted across the side of the enclosure.

The Gravity Bomb V2 is a small but mighty boost pedal. Powered by an “audiophile-grade” Burr Brown op-amp, it is capable of hitting the front end of your guitar amp with 20dB. This V2, however, gives players three options for the midrange that could really help them stand out in a mix.

Flick the switch into position one and you have a flat, neutral curve as per V1 of the pedal. Flick it into position two and the mids are boosted at 750Hz, while position boosts them at 1kHz. 

You can run the Gravity Bomb V2 at 9V, or 18V if you need more headroom.

CopperSound Pedals Renegade and Gravity Bomb V2

(Image credit: CopperSound Pedals)

The Renegade, meanwhile, described as a “potent sonic disruptor”, draws inspiration from the Tone Bender MK1.5, a fuzz ‘60s classic that typically deployed a pair of germanium transistors in its circuit. 

But CopperSound are not simply putting out another clone of the original Sola Sound design. Like the Gravity Bomb, you can run this at 9v or 18v, and there is a bias switch that offers a big, warm and full-bodied fuzz when the switch in the up position, or with a more modern and gated sound in the down position. 

Your sustain should be off the charts with this one, and CopperSound promises that “electric sizzle” as the notes decay – particularly if the toggle is in the down position.

Once more, 18V operation gives you more headroom and clarity. It features mechanical true-bypass switching, and like both the Renegade and Gravity Bomb V2 are available now, priced $149 for the fuzz, $129 for boost. 

For more info, head on over to CopperSound.

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