CopperSound Pedals release the Strategy V2

CopperSound Pedals Strategy V2
CopperSound Pedals Strategy V2 (Image credit: CopperSound Pedals)

From the company that brought us the Triplegraph in collaboration with Third Man (as seen on Jack White’s pedalboard) comes the new Strategy V2.

Advancing the blueprint of their eye-catching Strategy preamp/boost released several years ago, CopperSound has significantly increased the scope of tonal possibilities with a two-channel preamp and overdrive design.

Based around an audiophile-grade Burr-Brown op amp, the new Strategy V2 can deliver anything from unity gain to a tube-shattering 30dB boost in “preamp mode.”

That’s more than enough oomph to kick seven bells out of your amp’s front end.

While this level of gain can easily yield a substantial girth of natural overdrive from a tube amp, the Strategy V2 takes things a stage further than its predecessor with the addition of an “overdrive mode.”

Using a two-way toggle switch on the rear of the unit, this channel adds grit to your signal for extra grind if needed.

Augmenting the Strategy V2’s capabilities is a simple tone pot. With its wide sweep this control allows players to really work with the electric guitar in order to dial in the perfect sound.

As is the way with boosters and overdrives of this ilk, we imagine many a guitarist will discover a sweet spot and use the Strategy V2 as an ‘always on’ pedal, perhaps using the instrument’s volume control to sweep through infinite shades of tone.

It also works great as a gain stacking tool paired with other boosters, overdrives and distortion units.

Running from 9-18 volts (60mA consumption) this tube-tickler has stacks of headroom for maximum clarity and articulation.

CopperSound has also included their performance enhancing Smart-Bypass technology – a relay-based, true bypass switching design.

Stomping the switch will latch the pedal on as normal, while holding it down for 300 milliseconds or more will activate a momentary mode, meaning when you release the switch the effect disengages. (It’s worth noting you can easily turn this function off using an internal DIP switch).

With a massive range of finishes, pickguards, knobs and jackplates to choose from, CopperSound are offering free customisation for customers. 

To find your favourite look visit CopperSound here and browse through the extensive choices available on the drop-down menu.

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