Computer Music – POWER SYNTH SESSIONS with Serum | Diva | Avenger – issue 241

This month we go deeper into three of the universe's best synths, smuggle ourselves into the studio of techno titans Spektre, look into some unusual mixing tricks your mum warned you about, take you through Cubase 9's biggest new features, and we add a formant filter to your 70-strong collection of CM Plugins.

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Master three of the world's top virtual synths with our trio of video-packed courses. In this 22-page feature, we dig deep into Serum, Diva and Avenger, showing you the advanced features, getting insider tips directly from the makers, and of course, showcasing their awesome sounds!

We're including all the presets we build in our tutorials alongside the issue, plus an additional pack to boost your copy of Diva, Serum, Avenger, FM8, Massive or Sylenth1.

Get into the three videos below to get a glimpse into our three power-laden synths, and get the remaining 22 videos in your print or digital copy of Computer Music!

Producer Masterclass: Spektre

As Spektre, Paul Maddox and Richard Wakley (aka Filthy Rich) have topped the Beatport chart and played all over the world with their jaw-dropping live act. We bumped heads with Spektre in their Sheffield studio to film this one-hour video – watch them divulge the secrets behind their beats, bass, processing and mastering techniques, as they deconstruct the hypnotic Middle of Everywhere.

FREE Plugin: The Orb CM

This issue also nets you this awesome formant filter plugin from AudioThing! This VST/AU effect lets you load in five vowel sounds then morph between them using the dot in the central circle.

Check it out how to get to grips with The Orb CM in the video below, grab it with your print or digital copy of CM241, or check out its full spec on our The Orb CM page.

10 Unorthodox Trick for a Killer Mix

Go against the grain with ten tips unapproved by conventional wisdom. Were you taught to mono-ise your bass, send sounds to a singe reverb, and never mix into a limiter? With these 10 tips, we're flouting common knowledge, and pushing the boundaries of convention production techniques, all to prove that you should never be afraid to experiment to make your tunes the best they can be! Check out the video below, and get the rest with your copy of CM241!

3GB Free Samples

This issue, we've commissioned 500 Dystopian Drones samples to slot inot your tunes. Not content with that, we've also pulled 1987 Nu Disco samples from our massive archive, and we're also bringing you a trove of Bonus Loopmasters samples too. All the samples with issue 241 are royalty-free and mix-ready, available on the CM DVD or from our online Vault.

Also in this issue

Take an in-depth look at the new features in Cubase 9

We talk tech with Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson 

Get our opinion on u-he Repro-1 – a meticulous take on Sequential Circuits' Pro-One

Resound offers a quick course in gain staging in the digital domain

We put Cableguys' new TimeShaper plugin on the testbench for the CM review

Inject funky life and ambience behind drum parts with our guide to creating Groove Shadows

Get the history behind the E-mu Emulator in our Blast from the Past column

Find out how the new version of Arturia's MiniLab shapes up against the older model

…and loads more!

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Print + DVD | | Android | | iOS | | Digital cross-platform

Digital editions include all extra content via Vault download

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