Chris Adler on leaving Lamb of God: I left my drum throne in good hands with Art Cruz

Ex-Lamb of God drummer, Chris Adler has addressed what caused him to leave the band, as well as how he feels about his former Lamb of God band members and replacement, Art Cruz in an interview with Andrew Haug.

"I think everybody parted on good terms. I'm really excited to hear their new record. So I'm thrilled to hear what's going on with them. I'm sure they're doing very well.” Adler told the Australian radio host.

"And, obviously, the guys in the band are - not only family, but became great friends over 25 years. And it was quite a career that we had. It didn't end - I don't think anybody from either side would say it ended really particularly well in that I think we all hoped and dreamed and wanted all the same thing but just couldn't seem to get ourselves on the same page, for whatever reason.

"As much as I loved doing what I was doing, it certainly seems like it was kind of a good time to maybe step away. And I think everybody wins in that regard. And I wish the best for them, and I'm sure they do. You’ll have to speak to them. I'm not sure - but I hope they do for me.

"I didn't leave because I didn't want to be involved with music or play the drums. The shoe just didn’t fit anymore, on either side, so… I’ve been exploring a lot of other things in that same world and a couple of interesting things have come out of it."

Talking about his replacement, Art Cruz, who covered Adler for a number of tours before being officially drafted into the band in 2019, Adler said, "I left my drum throne in good hands with Art, who has been a friend. I think I met Art when he was 17 years old - I've got a picture of me and him standing outside the bus when he stood there waiting for an autograph. So he and I have been friends for a long time.”

Lamb of God released their latest - self-titled - album on 19 June. Meanwhile, Chris Adler recently unveiled new music with his project, Firstborne with ex-Megadeth bassist, James LoMenzo.

Stuart Williams

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