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Celebrate 40 years of Casio keyboards, synths and pianos in less than 4 minutes

If you’ve been playing keyboards for any length of time, it’s almost inconceivable that you won’t have encountered a Casio model at some point. The company has now been making synths, pianos and other keyboards for 40 years, and to celebrate, Casio’s Mike Martin has created Regeneration, a new track that uses many of the company’s classic instruments.

The track includes not only some early Casiotone classics, such as the VL-1 (VL-Tone) and MT-205, but also the new CT-S300. Look out, too, for some Privia pianos, and various models from the XW range. The CZ iPad app, which emulates various CZ classics - such as the legendary CZ-101 - gets a look-in, too.

Happy birthday, then, to Casio and its keyboards. Here’s to the next 40 years...

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