Black Friday deals: up to 80% off KV331 Audio SynthMaster and SynthMaster One plugins

KV331 Audio Black Friday deals
(Image credit: KV331 Audio)

For this year's Black Friday plugin deals, KV331 Audio has slashed the prices on all versions of its award-winning softsynths, SynthMaster and SynthMaster One.

From the Everything Bundle right down to the iOS version of SynthMaster One, KV331 has knocked 80% off the retail prices of SynthMaster and SynthMaster One from now till the end of November 2020.

Earlier this year KV331 launched the iPhone version of its award-winning SynthMaster One. While SynthMaster One shares the same engine that powers its bigger brother SynthMaster, a few new features like wavetable synthesis have been added, as well as over 1000 inspiring factory presets. 

The new iPhone addition rounds off SynthMaster One iOS and it’s this version that KV331 has given the biggest discount to. Now 80% off, you can get SynthMaster One iOS for just $3.99.

Crossgrade and upgrade deals

SynthMaster Player – SynthMaster One crossgrade: $19
SynthMaster Player – SynthMaster Upgrade: $29
SynthMaster Player – SynthMaster+SynthMaster One Bundle: $39
SynthMaster Player – SynthMaster Everything Bundle: $139 SynthMaster One – SynthMaster Everything Bundle: $119 SynthMaster – SynthMaster Everything Bundle: $109

It’s desktop equivalent, SynthMaster One has a 60% cut, now just $29, as does the original SynthMaster, which at 60% off is down to $39.

As for the bundle deals, SynthMaster+SynthMaster One Bundle is now 60% off, now to $49 and the SynthMaster Everything Bundle is also reduced by 60%, only $149.

Already own SynthMaster, or SynthMaster One? Then you’re in luck as KV331 Audio is also offering upgrade and crossgrade offers, as well as preset expansion pack deals too.

Existing users of SynthMaster, SynthMaster One or SynthMaster Player wanting to crossgrade or upgrade, the same discounts as above apply. And you can get all SynthMaster/SynthMaster One preset expansion banks for just $4, that’s 70% off.

On top of all that, KV331 Audio is also giving away SynthMaster Player in the latest issue of Computer Music magazine, which is out now. 

It couldn’t be easier to get hold of SynthMaster at a great price this Black Friday. All discounted offers will be live from 16 November 2020 through to 30 November 2020.

SynthMaster deals

SynthMaster | $99

SynthMaster | $99 $39
SynthMaster is an 'all-around' semi-modular software synthesizer and effect plug-in that features many different synthesis methods and now it's 60% off.

SynthMaster One | $79

SynthMaster One | $79 $29
Save 60% on SynthMaster One. With its simple layout, rich wavetable/waveform content and inspiring factory presets library, designing new sounds with SynthMaster One is a joy. 

SynthMaster One iOS | $19.99

SynthMaster One iOS | $19.99 $3.99
Save a whopping 80% on SynthMaster One iOS, KV331 Audio's first full blown synth app for the iPad. It's a powerful wavetable synth with an intuitive workflow.

SynthMaster+SynthMaster One Bundle | $129

SynthMaster+SynthMaster One Bundle | $129 $49
Save 60% on the SynthMaster 1+2 Bundle featuring SynthMaster One and SynthMaster 2.9. The bundle contains 3000 factory presets to jump start your music production.

SynthMaster Everything Bundle | $379

SynthMaster Everything Bundle | $379 $149
Get 60% off the SynthMaster Everything Bundle, which includes SynthMaster 2.9, SynthMaster One and ALL preset expansion banks released by KV331.


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