It’s the Computer Music Synth Special! Free SynthMaster plugin synth and EDM sample pack

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The new issue of Computer Music features a free synth worth $20 and a free sample collection worth $19! Add in great tutorials to make great synth tunes and program amazing synth sounds and it’s our best-ever Synth Special!

The new issue of Computer Music pays homage to the finest instrument of all time: the synthesizer. We have an amazing synth giveaway – in the form of SynthMaster Player, worth $20 – as our free plugin, and to celebrate we deliver five great tutorials and videos on how to make great synth tunes.

There are some awesome guides on programming classic synth sounds, all for free using the CM Plugin Suite, some amazing top tips on using soft synths, and we also reveal the six greatest synths of all time!

Best giveaways ever!

This month’s freebies include SynthMaster Player, a fine synth from KV331 Audio that features no less than 1,800 preset sounds. There's a four-page tutorial in the magazine on how to use this Mac and PC plugin to the full; it allows you to tweak and twist the sounds into perfection.

On top of this amazing giveaway there’s also a free EDM sample pack worth $19 for every reader!

Make Music Now!

The synth theme continues in our other Expert Guide tutorials as we dig deep into modulation. There’s also a brand new series of Production tutorials kicking of with… perfect kicks! There are top interviews with Holly Herndon and Simian Mobile Disco’s Jas Shaw plus reviews of the latest gear from IK Multimedia. Orchestral Tools, Baby Audio and many more. 

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Get over 70 FREE plugin instruments and effects…
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