Best Audient iD4 MKII deals July 2024: cheap prices on this top-rated budget audio interface

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When you’re looking at the cheaper end of the audio interface market, it can be hard to know which one is best for your needs. For some there’s a requirement for lots in the way of connectivity, while for others the main driver is audio quality. Others want a combination of both. In this guide we’re focusing on one of our recent favourite interfaces, with a round up of some of the best Audient iD4 MKII deals we could find on the web. 

With its high quality AD and DA conversion, and future-proofed USB-C connectivity, the iD4 MKII is a great choice for home studios and music producers. From its rigid build and superb fidelity, to a pretty amazing bundle of included software and plugins and unique assignable multi-purpose control knob, Audient has improved on the original and created arguably one of the best all-round value audio interfaces on the market. So much so we awarded it 4.5 stars (out of 5) in our recent Audient iD4 MKII review. Let’s take a look.

Best Audient iD4 MKII deals

Audient iD4 MKII

Top-tier audio quality for less than you might think

Launch price: $199/£139/€139 | Inputs: 1 x ¼” input, 1 x XLR input | Outputs: 2 x 14” main out, 1 x ¼” headphone out, 1 x mini-jack out | Compatibility: PC, Mac, iOS | Max sample rate: 96kHz | Max resolution: 24-bit | Bundled software: Audient ARC software package

Great value
Simple, easy to operate
Looks the part

Essentially, when you’re looking for a simple, two-in, two-out audio interface, you want something you can almost set and forget. After all, your interface’s entire job is to sit there quietly acting as a conduit for your various audio routing, so once you’ve got your cables installed you don’t necessarily want to be fiddling around with it much more. That said, as the backbone of your entire studio operation, it’s not a purchase you want to get wrong. The Audient iD4 MKII is one of the best examples of audio interfaces in its price bracket, with its focus entirely on fuss-free operation and superb audio quality. 

The all-metal design certainly gives it a premium feel, with the dark ‘space grey’ finish lending a stealthy, modern appearance. A handful of white LEDs on the top of the unit provide visual feedback over levels, while labels and branding have been kept tastefully minimal. Connection wise, it’s powered by USB-C, meaning its data transfer speeds and general reliability should be rock solid for the foreseeable future. Of the two input channels, the first features a preamp from Audient’s ASP8024-HE console and provides plenty of headroom for microphone and line signals, while the second channel is geared more towards instrument-level signals. Each has an independent gain control. To the back of the unit is a stereo pair output, along with the XLR input and 48v phantom power switch. 

One thing that stood out to us, and will likely appeal to gamers and streamers, is the loopback functionality, which allows the iD4 to feed an output signal back on itself for recording. We also liked the assignable ScrollControl mode; basically, hover your mouse over a parameter you wish to change and the large wheel on top of the unit assumes control allowing a more tactile method of controlling plugins and virtual instrument settings. 

For the money, there aren’t many audio interfaces out there which can rival the sleek, classy Audient iD4 MKII, so now’s the perfect time to take advantage of these deals.

Best Audient iD4 MKII deals: Alternatives 

We’re fond of the Presonus Studio 24c here at MusicRadar, on account of its decent sound quality and simplicity, however particularly due to its loopback feature. It comes in a bit cheaper than the Audient iD4 MKII, but lacks the premium feel and ScrollControl mode. Elsewhere, it’s hard to talk about budget audio interfaces without mentioning the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 which still, after all this time, is the first port of call for many new studio owners. Alternatively, the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 MKII is a solid choice, and comes with plenty of free software and more connectivity options than the iD4 MKII.  

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