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The “world’s first look” at the Behringer UB-Xa synth just landed

It turns out that even the launch of a new Oberheim OB synth can’t keep Behringer out of the synth headlines for long.

Having been teased for what seems like years - in fact, it is years - we finally have concrete evidence that Behringer’s Oberheim clone, the UB-Xa, is in the hands of at least one dealer, as Anderton’s has just posted what it’s calling the “world’s first” look at it (they’re obviously not counting all the previous ‘looks’ we’ve had from Behringer).

The 22-minute clip includes a full overview of the UB-Xa and some examples of it being used to create pad, bass and lead sounds. You’ll also be able to find out more about the synth’s various ‘vintage’ modes and its performance LFO.

It is worth pointing out that this is still a pre-production model, and a release date hasn’t yet been confirmed. However, we’re assured that the UB-Xa will come in at less than $1,500, which is less than a third of the price of Oberheim’s new OB-X8.

That said, these are two very different synths and will be competing in very different markets. As such, we suspect that there should be more than enough room for both of them to succeed.

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