NAMM 2022: Auto-Tune Vocal EQ is the only dynamic EQ plugin with Antares’ pitch tracking technology baked in

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NAMM 2022: Antares’ Auto-Tune range now has a vocal EQ plugin - the only dynamic EQ to feature Auto-Tune pitch tracking technology, no less.

Designed, as you’d expect, for EQing vocals, this can also be used on instruments and other audio tracks, and enables you to isolate and accentuate precise frequencies while controlling interference and resonance. As a result, your vocals should sound smoother and more consistent.

The UI features ‘dynamic nodes’ and Auto-Tune pitch metering - you can watch a vocalist’s pitch move across the frequency spectrum in real-time to visualise range and thresholds.

The Pitch Tracking feature enables you to lock an EQ band to a vocalist’s pitch so you can focus on fundamental pitch or harmonics, while the Vocal Learning tool will automatically determine the input type and highlight the average vocal range (alto, tenor, soprano) so you can make a quick start.

Auto-Tune Vocal EQ comes with six fully parametric bands, low-pass and high-pass filters and an Air Band for adding high-end presence. There’s also a Tilt EQ filter for balancing the high and low end of the spectrum, a spectrum analyzer and external sidechain support for adding dynamic filters.

Commenting on the launch, Steve Berkley, CEO of Antares Audio Technologies, says: “EQ is a foundational element of every serious vocal production, whether in the home studio or world class engineering facility. Auto-Tune Vocal EQ strengthens our premiere vocal production suite with a powerful EQ that any Auto-Tune Unlimited subscriber can now access.

“Auto-Tune Vocal EQ is another example of our long-term focus on building a robust, feature-rich vocal production experience for audio professionals around the world. With the release of Auto-Tune Vocal EQ, we continue to innovate as an audio technology leader and demonstrate our dedication to the creative culture we love and respect.”

Auto-Tune Vocal EQ is available exclusively as part of Auto-Tune Unlimited, a subscription service that includes every current edition of Auto-Tune, Auto-Tune Slice, Auto-Tune SoundSoap, Auto-Tune Vocodist, and 11 more vocal production plugins. Auto-Tune Unlimited also includes free automatic updates for included plugins, free access to select future plugins from Antares, and free video tutorials in the Auto-Tune Vocal Production Academy.

Current Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers have immediate access to Auto-Tune Vocal EQ at no extra cost. New subscribers can sign-up for Auto-Tune Unlimited for $24.99 paid monthly, or $14.58 a month with paid annual subscription. A free 14-day trial is available to everyone, regardless of previous trials or subscriptions.

You can start your free Auto-Tune Unlimited trial on the Antares website.

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