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Audio Damage brings its destructive Grind effect to iOS

Things move pretty quickly in Audio Damage’s world. Just a few days after it launched Rough Rider, its first iOS effect, the company has released Grind, its second. This is a direct port of the desktop plugin of the same name, which was itself released just a few weeks ago.

Designed for all kinds of saturation and distortion processing, as before, there are three main ‘blocks’ to work with. Wavetable lookup feeds into algorithmic saturation/distortion and, finally, a multimode filter.

The wavetable module uses the amplitude of the incoming signal to replace the sample with one from 15 different linearly-interpolated wavetables, chosen for their mangling potential. Next, you choose from one of eleven different distortion and saturation algorithms, and there are the same number of filter models. There’s also a tempo-synced LFO to add motion to the filter frequency, and you can even load presets from the desktop version.

Grind can be used standalone, as an AU v3 plugin in a compatible host, or via Inter-App Audio. It runs on iPhone and iPad and costs £4.99/$4.99; get it now on the Apple App Store.

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