NAMM 2022: Audient’s iD44 MKii audio interface promises "console sound on your desktop"

Audient iD44 (MKII)
(Image credit: Audient)

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NAMM 2022: Audient has announced an upgrade to its popular iD44 audio interface – the iD44 (MKII). This adds new features and improved quality, bringing it into line with new development elsewhere from the premier brand. As Audient’s marketing director, Andy Allen puts it: "We saw an opportunity to make the best better." 

The ADCs’ THD+N figure on the MKII sees a 9dB improvement for even cleaner audio, with less added noise and even less audible distortion, while three user-defined function keys enable users to punch in and punch out and switch inputs with ease. And with 24-bit/96KHz quality on tap, the iD44 is once again all set for high-end recording tasks.

iD44 (MKII) has a new all-digital internal Audio Loopback feature that enables users to capture playback from multiple applications on the computer, all at the same time as the microphones that are plugged into the interface. 

It’s billed as the perfect solution for podcasters, streamers and other online content creators who are often recording their own audio live and adding effect and stings digitally while streaming in remote VC audio from show guests, audience and participants. 

Further aiding those working in groups, a new dual headphone amp - with both a 1/4-inch jack and a mini-jack - means that now three sets of headphones can be plugged in at once, and a new-look chassis and facia help set the MKII apart. 

“As far as audio performance was concerned, iD44 was already fully spec’d,” Andy Allen continues. “Yet we saw an opportunity to make the best better: making a major improvement to the all important ADC’s, incorporating additional must-have features and styling it with a beautiful new smoke-grey finish. All at the same price, delivering yet more value to our customers.

“The combination of these enhancements alongside four Audient Console mic preamps, class-leading converters, ADAT expandability and balanced inserts means iD44 (MKII) really does deliver the audio performance of an Audient console straight to your desktop, and ensures that with iD44, our customers get a professional grade audio interface without breaking the bank.”

iD44 (MKII) will be available around June 2022 and will retail at £499.99 inc VAT, €599 inc Local VAT and $699, the same price as its praise-worthy predecessor.

Find out more on the Audient website.

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