Andrew Huang’s Flip promises to be a fast but feature-packed sample-based music-making app

Not content with having more than two million YouTube subscribers, ebullient music technology enthusiast Andrew Huang has now launched Flip, his own iOS app. Created with Oliver Greschke (Elastic Drums and Elastic FX) and Christian Blomert (TouchAble, Studiomux), this is a 9-channel sampler, sequencer and performance tool.

The idea is to offer a speedy workflow and also plenty of depth, and to give you an app that enables you to create tracks from start to finish. Each track has its own EQ and audio effects and there are 19 automatable parameters, while editing can be done on a piano roll. There’s also a song arrangement mode, mixing and mastering tools, audio export and live recording.

If you want to perform, there’s a dedicated page with live effects and remixing tools, and you can record your own sounds directly into the app and edit them. You can also purchase additional sample packs and Flip projects from not just Andrew Huang but also the likes of Rachel K Collier, Bad Snacks, Cuckoo, Chuck Sutton, Kilamanzego, and Pusher.

For Huang, though, this app is about finding your own sounds and making music with them: “A lot of my work involves unorthodox sound sources, from household items to aircraft hangers,” he says. “Often I find these spontaneously, and would like to work with them in that moment of inspiration. I started daydreaming of the ideal workflow for that process.” 

Andrew Huang Flip

(Image credit: Andrew Huang)

Discussing what makes Flip different, Huang says: “Having tried many music-making apps, I've found they tend to be either fun but simple tools that have very specific use cases, or complicated and unwieldy ones whose design tries to cram a desktop-based workflow onto a phone.

“With Flip we set out to create something deep and powerful that would still remain quick and fun to use, and that would make the sample-based production workflow I've become known for more accessible to any creator with an iOS device.”

Flip is available now from the Apple App Store

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