Add some sweet pastel shades to your acoustic game with Cort's JADE Classic series

(Image credit: Cort)

We don't see enough acoustic guitars with full colour finishes, so when Cort releases a series of electro-acoustics like the JADE Classic that looks inspired by Speilberg's American Graffiti, it's all the more refreshing.

As the picture above suggests, there are three to the series, each with a Venetian cutaway and pearloid headstock to match the pearloid pickguard – hey, 50s chic is never out of style. 

Each has an all-mahogany construction, with a thin mahogany neck joining the body with a sturdy dovetail joint, with finish options comprising Pastel Yellow, Pastel Pink, and Sky Blue Open Pore. Nice.

With all that mahogany, expect these to sound a little warmer and fuller than your typical spruce top and mahogany back and sides cocktail, and maybe a little more old-school, too, with a detailed midrange. These should scrub up well for old acoustic blues.

The JADE Classics have a 24.75-inch scale, laurel fingerboards and bridges, high-ratio (18:1) open-gear tuners to keep the headstock light. 

The 42mm nut width makes these very approachable instruments for small hands, and the JADE body shape is nice and compact, designed for female players and anyone with a smaller frame, but fun for everyone. Who doesn't like a smaller-bodied acoustic?

There are onboard electronics by way of Cort's CE304T pickup and preamp system, with a three-band EQ to shape your tone, and a built-in tuner to keep you honest.

And this being Cort, you'll be thinking the price will be pretty darn attractive. And you'd be right. The JADE Classic electro-acoustics retail at $329.99 and come with a padded gig-bag. 

See Cort Guitars for more details. 

Jonathan Horsley

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